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We are a small family-owned, multi-purpose farm in the heart of Virginia. We are active in animal rescue, seeking healing and happiness for members of our community and the animals that call Shoofly home.

 Come enjoy some of the BEST life with us!

Shoofly will be open for

Free Farm Visits every Saturday starting 
March 23rd, 2024

Check out our special March offerings ------->

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Give a deeply meaningful gift and
give the gift of Sponsorship!

Stall Sponsor (1).jpg

Have your business become a stall or pasture sponsor, and let your community members know you care and support your local Chester Animal Sanctuary and Rescue! Stall sponsorship starts at $220.00 a month with a 6-month minimum commitment, stall sponsorship is tax deductible!!! Your business will then receive a nameplate letting all our visitors know who our generous donors are. You don't need to be a business to be a stall sponsor, this makes a great memorial or dedication to the horse or animal lover in your life. If you are interested in doing a stall or pasture sponsorship please email 


Paypal -

Venmo @ ShooflyFarmVa

CashApp @ $ShooflyFarmVirginia

Paypal -

Venmo @ RanshawRanch

*Donations to Ranshaw Ranch are

Tax Deductible*

Checks can be made out and mailed to Shoofly Farm or Ranshaw Ranch

15101 Branders Bridge rd.

Chester Va 23831

Call or text with questions at 804-840-1229

secure credit card donations can be

taken over the phone call 804-840-1229

Our Sponsorship cards make the perfect gift for the loved one who has everything they need and takes pleasure in knowing money dedicated to a gift for them has been used to help animals in need!

Donation amounts start at $25 and go up in increments of twenty-five. Simply Venmo, Paypal or CashApp the donation. Follow your payment with an email to

Let us know your name, method of payment and who your recipient is and we will mail this donation card out the same day! There is plenty of time to get these to everyone on your gift-giving list and be done with your holiday shopping with one simple donation that will make a huge impact!


Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown

Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedown 2023 canceled.png

!!!Our Holiday Ho-Ho-Hoedowns on the 9th and 16th are canceled and Shoofly Farm is now closed for the season!!!
Please read the letter of explanation below.

A letter from the owner:

To our beautiful community. Making the decision to close our farm early and therefore canceling our remaining Holiday Hoedown events was difficult and came with a great deal of sadness but it has become very clear it is the right decision.

Last week Shoofly was the the victim of a defamation campaign and doxing, fueled by incorrect information and venom, for what reason, we still do not know, we can’t truly know someone's motive for something like this. The false claims incited fear and rage in some which resulted in online harassment, libel, bullying, and threats to inflict harm to this farm and myself.

Hate is often born from hurt and misunderstanding. I have found that those who inflict hurt are usually in a state of hurt within themselves. The ironic thing is this is one of Shoofly’s missions, to take the broken and hurting hearts in our community, and invite them to this very special place so they can feel the beautiful healing the land and animals freely offer. I believe the individuals who took part in this wrongful attack against Shoofly would greatly benefit from the healing it can offer their hearts. This mission is why our regular farm visits are always free.

I do not like to refer to myself as the owner. In fact, many visitors don’t realize they are speaking with the owner when they interact with me during visits, they assume I’m another staff member and I like it that way. Sometimes people will ask “Are you the owner?” My response is always, “I am one of them.” I think people assume I’m referencing a business partner. I suppose maybe I am but that partner is no individual, it is the collective many who dedicate themselves to this place both now and in the past. My belief is I am simply the caretaker or custodian. Shoofly does not belong to any one or two individuals, her purpose is far greater than this, her mission too broad. I let the spirit of this place dictate to me its needs and desires and then it is simply my job to work at making it happen, all while protecting her resources and honoring the gift this place bestows on so many.

What started as a mission to simply heal my family grew to helping other families with chronically ill or disabled children which then became helping anyone in our community who has the time and desire to visit this place. It organically grew to include animal rescue work and we love playing a small part in healing both human and animal’s bodies, minds and souls. It has been one of my greatest joys in life witnessing the smiles, laughter, and healing of those who visit Shoofly.

The only thing that takes priority for me over offering Shoofly to my community is the health, well-being, and safety of my family and the animals who call this place home. With the way things have escalated, there is a major threat to that safety and well-being and thus the need to close down.

Not only is this a sad decision because of the loss of joy and memories our events create in this community, but it could also have devastating effects for Shoofly as we enter our off-season. During the thick of winter, we are closed which means very little revenue coming in but added feed and bedding expenses to keep all the animals healthy and warm. Our Holiday Hoedown is the last of our public events and one of its intentions is to fill Shoofly’s coffers so we have the money needed to make it until we open again in March.

Running an animal sanctuary and rescue has astronomical and often surprising costs. Many small sanctuaries and rescues like ours are only one bad event or hiccup away from having to shut down permanently. Smaller sanctuaries are fueled by the pure determination, long hours, and the blood, sweat, tears, and sheer will of its volunteers while relying heavily on generous donors who also catch sight of the vision and mission. I have always been honest about Shoofly’s finances, I have never and will never take a paycheck from its earnings. In fact, my husband and I remain Shoofly’s largest benefactor. I want to reassure those who love Shoofly I will not abandon this mission and I’m determined to ensure this place makes it through the winter despite this huge loss of revenue. We will find a way, Shoofly always does.

I will miss seeing our visitors and sharing in the joy of this Holiday Season with you. I would encourage all to remember this … It costs us nothing to choose kindness but the payout from choosing it is abundant. During this holiday season and always I hope when we feel anger and hate build within us and we assure ourselves we have facts to justify that anger we stop, realize we most likely only have a fraction of the truth and regardless of any of that simply choose kindness. The most charitable thing we can ever do for others is be charitable with our thoughts towards them and give them the benefit of the doubt, pass no judgment, and recognize the most helpful thing we can do is offer love.

May all of you have a merry, joyful, and beautiful Holiday Season. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in 2024 for a magical and blessed year.

Happy Trails,

Brianna Ranshaw

Welcome to Shoofly Farm!

Watch this short video to get a better understanding of who we are, what we do, and WHY we do it!

Current Donation Needs

you can now send donations via VENMO, search Shoofly Farm, 

our icon is our gray and red barn @shooflyfarmva

Rescues of Shoofly

Shoofly did not originally set out to be a sanctuary to animals in need but it quickly became just that. Not every animal that lives here is a rescue but every rescue usually has large vet bills and medical needs initially and often for life. We don't like to be limited by our ability to pay for the animals food and care. Funds donated here not only care for our current rescues but helps us continue efforts to shelter animals here at Shoofly!

 If you'd like to help us make sure all the Shoofly  rescues are vetted and receive the care they so desperately need  please click the donation button below and,


*Donations processed securely through PayPal

Free Farm Visits

Here at Shoofly we believe interaction with animals is calming, comforting, fulfilling and even healing. We discovered this gift immediately when we started making each horse, goat, cat, chicken or other animal a part of our forever Shoofly family. It is because we have this gift we know it must be shared and shared freely. So in that spirit of giving we have made all Farm Animal Experience visits  FREE. Everyone has their own tough spots or roads in life and we believe anyone can benefit from time on the farm with our sweet animals, many of which have also had tough times before finding our farm. We believe in not only rescuing animals but rescuing peoples hearts. We say to all, come enjoy some farm life with us, come enjoy some of the BEST life! 

If you'd like to support us in keeping visits to our farm free therefore, helping to pay for the animals feed, vet visits, land and facility upkeep then please click the button below and, THANK YOU!!!

*Donations processed securely through PayPal

 Within Your Reach.

We are a small multipurpose farm, but in all we do we strive to create and promote happy, fun and memorable experiences with family and friends.  Please see a short review of our services below or click on a tab above to find out more. We encourage you to read our About page to get a better understanding of what we do and why we do it. Also, we are always in need of donations, whether money, supplies or time to help with keeping visits to our farm free.  We encourage you to visit our page Henry's Hooves to learn more about the mission and needs of this program and how to help. Thank you for visiting!

Our Farm Services

We've got it all!

Horse Boarding

Retire to the good life at Shoofly Farm. We specialize in boarding horses in, or entering retirement or, are just not in a very active stage of their lives who need some peace and relaxation. Since we are a small family owned farm, it means personal full-time care for your horse.  At this time we are only accepting geldings for board. To learn more about what we offer for board and prices, including scheduling a visit to come see and /or get on our wait list click the horse icon above or the Horse Boarding tab at the top of the page.

Horseback Riding

At this time we no longer offer horse back riding. When this service become availavle again we will announce it. Thank you!

Birthday Parties and Events

Delight your little one with a Barnyard Birthday Party, complete with goat cuddle and interaction time, a bouncy house and of course, pony rides. 

Are you or your loved one of a more mature age but still want to celebrate in a beautiful farm atmosphere? We can do that as well! 

Our 2023 Calendar is fully booked

FREE Farm Experience Sessions

Our FREE farm visits are are enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. There is just something sweet and good about Shoofly and we believe in sharing it with others. If you are a family with special needs and can not attend our public hours please contact Shoofly directly.


Our 2023 Calendar is fully booked

 Become A Farm Volunteer

We are always in need of help and often times helping us with farm chores can actually help the individual completing the task. For more information click the button below to find out what you can do to become a volunteer with us here at Shoofly Farm.

Photography Venue

With multiple backdrops that never disappoint, Shoofly has previously been the setting for countless family and senior portraits as well as commercial and advertisement stock photos. We also make sure to add a welcoming touch for your clients of either hot cocoa in the cool months or ice cold lemonade in the warm months. Book the farm for a small convenience fee of $35. Visit our Contact Page to set up an appointment.

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