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IMPORTANT INFO:  We are not a lesson barn, we specialize in single lessons or short-term lessons to help new riders decide if the equestrian life is something they are interested in pursuing. Most of our lessons are done on the trail as we work to provide riders with basic riding skills in the western discipline.

5 minute Lead Line Trail Ride 

Interested in a farm visit that includes a 5-minute lead line pony ride for the inquisitive equestrian, we can make that happen! Enjoy a nice easy walk through our beautiful pine trail to finish off your visit to the farm. If you come on our FREE farm visit Friday's rides are $15 a rider. If you book a private farm visit rides are $10 a rider.

*** This purchase is only available during our open hours to the public or at any of our events where pony rides are offered. This is not a private pony ride unless you have booked a private farm visit.*** Purchase can be made while visiting the farm. We accept cash, Venmo and card!

Intro to Horsemanship

For our Mature Crowd

This private 90-minute session is perfect for the aspiring horseman/woman. Starting with the basics, the student will learn how to lead, groom and tack a horse. Fundamental riding instruction will be given in western riding followed by a short trail ride. This is a great opportunity to discover if there is an equestrian within. Because of the length of these sessions, we recommend riders ages 13 and up.

Intro to Riding - $125.00

To set this lesson up and pay for it please email      subject: Intro to Horsemanship  Someone will get back to you shortly.

Trail Rides

**​*We offer a 15% military discount on our trail rides. You must provide a military ID at the time of purchase. 

Contact Shoofly directly 804-840-1229 or email***

Book a Trail Ride with us by contacting Shoofly Farm

email us at

subject line: Trail Ride

Please include how many riders with their age, approximate weight, and height so we can schedule the correct horses for your ride.


call us at 804-840-1229

***At this time we only have the capacity to take groups as large as 4 riders so we can ensure safety and enjoyment on the trail***

See more details and pricing for trail rides below

Enjoy the trails of Shoofly by horseback on our 50-acre ranch. This is not your typical "nose to tail" tourist trail ride, instead, you can enjoy a taste of true horsemanship as you rein your horse through our woods and land while following a trail guide and receiving instruction from a seasoned equestrian behind you. Trail rides can be either 30 minutes or an hour. 

30 - minute trail ride - $40 per rider

1-hour trail rider - $80 per rider

Additional $25.00 per 30-minutes for a side walker if a rider is young or nervous and needs a staff member to remain beside them for the duration of the ride.

***Payment is made the day of your ride, we accept cash, card and Venmo***

Our trail rides/lessons make perfect gifts for your aspiring or even experienced equestrian. Within 24 hours of purchasing one of our lessons/rides, you will receive an email from Shoofly Farm confirming your purchase and asking if this is a gift. If your purchase is intended as a gift we will mail or email (dependent on your preference) our riding voucher you can see to the left. If you wish for us to mail the voucher we will have it placed in the mail by the first business day after we receive your response. We can mail the voucher to the person making the purchase or the intended recipient.

**​*We offer a 15% military discount on our riding lessons and trail rides. You must provide a military ID at the time of purchase. Contact Shoofly directly 804-840-1229 or email*** 

Give to Shoofly in a Loved One's Name

Giving to a charitable cause in someone's name is the perfect gift for the person who has everything they already need, including a big heart! All donations go directly to the program or animals listed below. After your purchase, Shoofly Farm will contact you with a confirmation and a request for the loved one's name and mailing address so we can send their custom card, and thanks! 

Our 5 Nigerian Dwarf goats are not only loving and adorable they are central to our FREE farm animal experience visits which are open to members of our community. Funds go to the feed and regular veterinary care required to keep our goats healthy and happy!

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Shoofly did not originally set out to be a sanctuary to animals in need but it quickly became just that. Not every animal that lives here is a rescue but every rescue usually has large vet bills and medical needs initially and often for life. We don't like to be limited by our ability to pay for the animal's food and care. Funds donated here not only care for our current rescues but helps us continue efforts to shelter animals here at Shoofly! 

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Henry is our BIG horse with a HUGE heart. He is also the horse we often use for therapy visits and beginner riders because of his easy and gentle nature. He also has several medical problems and to keep him living pain-free he requires daily medication and supplements as well as special shoeing and homeopathic medical attention. He may sound like a lot of work but he is worth it. Henry is only 18 and we refuse to let the misuse and abuse of his past take any more time from his future. Funds donated here go directly to Henry's high medical costs and care.

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